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A Historical And Massive


Tax Credit of 26%

  “26% tax credit on efficient wood and pellet stove and fireplaces AND installation!” 

This is Trekker. One of the most powerful and efficient pellet stoves ever created by Quadra-Fire. Trekker by Quadra-Fire impressive performance. A whopping 83.2% efficiency—saving money by burning less fuel.  Efficient energy technology’… that is designed to optimize this performance by automatically adjusting the feed rate and blowers.  Average savings for most will exceed $1500, depending on the options you choose and your specific home installation needs. Act now for 26% off stove & installation from Energysavers, New Hampshire’s most recommended installers. Plus, Trekker keeps saving you money every year: By burning less fuel.

Call our experts at Energysavers in Meredith, NH, today for pricing and tax rebate details at 1-603-827-4038, and discover just how big your federal tax rebate will be. Don’t settle for anything less than a Quadra-Fire, and arrange your free no-obligation site visit from Energysavers. Trekker pellet stoves and fireplace inserts. Quadra-Fire, because “nothing burns like a Quad”.  Visit Energysavers today and see the 80lb hopper and easy to clean cast iron fire-pot for yourself. Making the Trekker pellet stove is easy to operate.  Don’t settle for anything less.  Because nothing burns like a Quad.


Save $200 On A New Fireplace!

Our fireplace sale has been unprecedented!  Now that more and more of us are spending our days working from home, we are updating and improvising our living spaces.  So we have had the honor of helping by making things warm and comfortable with gas, wood, or pellet fireplaces.   According to the National Center for Real Estate Research, adding a hearth appliance can increase its value by 6 to 12 percent.   If you’re a homeowner or builder looking at home hearth options, you’ll want to explore the options available to you from Heat & Glo.  Learn why the 6000 and 8000 gas fireplaces are an Energysavers favorite for those of you considering improving your home with a beautiful and functional fireplace that is amazingly easy to operate!

Or revamp your dated, drafty fireplace and say hello to warmth and comfort.  Energysavers in Meredith, NH features Heat & Glo fireplace inserts that fit inside your existing fireplace and use gas to create a beautiful fire at the touch of a button.  Transform your home with our top-of-the-line Escape gas fireplace insert.  The biggest, clearest view of the fire, hand-painted logs, and the most heat take your fireplace from unused to unbelievable.  In February we are offering a $200 instant rebate on all gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts purchased before the month ends.

transformed my living space

“My new Heat N Glo fireplace has transformed my living space into a warm and inviting area to entertain friends or just relax with the family. From helping me to select the right unit, customizing the surround to fit my fireplace opening, filing for the permit, ordering the parts and scheduling the install, Energysavers demonstrated excellent customer service and professionalism throughout the process. They were courteous and clean, and they worked around my schedule. I highly recommend this company for your gas insert project!”  —Mark Bailey



Once upon a time, perfectionism was the mark of good work, but today, many businesses settle for “good enough” in the products and the services they provide.   For consumers, that’s fine when you’re making small decisions, like picking which toothbrush to buy.   If it isn’t right, you can just throw it out. When it comes to important decisions, like where you buy a stove or fireplace, hot tub, or premium grill, well, that’s another matter.

At Energysavers, we recently celebrated our 45th Anniversary. We take stock on what it has taken to earn the trust of the many who have counted on us to safely put fire in their homes, that perhaps “good enough” is never good enough, and that settling for less than highly trained installation and service people, or worse, out-sourcing your service and selling poor quality heating appliances, is exactly what keeps you from being great.

After you make a purchase, you’ll quickly learn why the fully certified and award-winning technicians and installation teams at Energysavers have a well-earned reputation for excellence, cleanliness, and extraordinary professionalism that has had our customers recommending us for over four decades.   Energysavers in Meredith, New Hampshire, invites you to discover why, after 45 years, “good enough” is still never good enough.   The best ownership experience starts here.  Enough said.

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Highly trained, fully NH licensed, and NFI certified.  Our tech and install service teams receive glowing 5 Star reviews making us New Hampshire’s most recommended.  Good enough is never good enough!

Trust our experts to put fire in your home safely.

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These Guys Are Fireplace Stars!

Our Dedicated Advisors Will Help You Make The Best Choice!

The most recommended fireplace and stove experts in the Lakes & Mountains of NH.

“Outstanding customer service! A pleasure to work with all the people there. Nate is fantastic. Buying our second stove there now. Tops!” -Steven Wilson

“Great experience from the beginning. Ben was most informative and helpful on our new wood stove purchase, without pressure. Ben spent a good amount of time explaining the various wood stoves to make a match with our needs. David and Andrew, the installers, were absolutely great. They were very professional-. They answered my many questions, and never did I feel rushed. I would highly recommend Energysavers, Meredith NH.” -Angela DiTucci.

“Energysavers provided excellent performance. From sales through installation, every team member was courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful – true professionals. I highly recommend the company.” -Ron Robichaud.

The Best Hearth

Warmth and stunning craftsmanship in soapstone, cast iron, and steel. Stoves, inserts, and fireplaces designed for many years of enjoyment. See gas, pellet, and wood clean burning appliances that feature industry leading design and EPA approved efficiency.

The Best Spa

The latest design and feature innovations can be found here. Visit our stress relief and just feel better department!  We offer the world’s #1 selling hot tubs and the most complete line of traditional and infrared saunas making for the very best ownership experience.

The Best Service

Highly trained and NFI certified. Our tech and install service teams receive glowing 5 Star reviews making us New Hampshire’s most recommended. Good enough is never good enough! Trust our experts to put fire in your home safely.

The Best Advisors

With literally hundreds of models and options to choose from, making the best choice for your taste, needs, and budget can be daunting. Our Dedicated Advisors have the knowledge and experience to help you. Ask for a free site visit to assure the best outcome for your project.

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased my husband and I were with your fireplace expert . He accomplished in a short amount of time a delightful fire-glow in our living room fireplace that no one else has been able to accomplish over the last two years. You can be sure we will recommend you to any of our friends that are experiencing any fireplace problems. Thank you for helping us resolve this. —Suzanne & Bob

We are very happy with the exceptional service and installation that the Energysavers Team recently provided with the purchase of our Quadra-Fire. Nate did a great job helping us pick the right system and Dave, Andrew and Steve did a great job on the installation. The fireplace unit has helped transform our living space into exactly what we imagined. —Stephen

I don’t know much about wood burning stoves but I do know a lot about customer satisfaction! VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS —Nicholas